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My Grandparents’ Legacy

I was thinking of my grandmother and the journal she kept which told the story of her meeting my grandfather in Poland. She was a major influence in my early life and she still personifies a woman of strength and courage. I remember many nights and weekends sleeping over her house – and the stories that she told me about her family from Poland. Most of the stories were about what life was like in Poland in the early years of World War II.  She and my grandfather moved to Vienna after they were married, where they had a son, my father, and a daughter, my aunt.

Anti-Semitism was rampant during that time. My father was beaten up by boys at school and my aunt’s pigtails were pulled; a concerned teacher stuck up for them, but was fired. The breaking point came for my grandparents when my grandfather was taken away by the Nazis.  Thankfully, a family friend saw what was happening and somehow my grandfather was released.  It was then they sold everything that they had and sought passage to Panama, where my grandmother’s brother was living. The reason I am writing about this is because my grandparents were so proud to live in the United States.  They experienced freedom here which they never knew existed.

My grandmother eventually moved to Long Beach, New York with my grandfather, where in 1968 he died at the age of 73. I barely remember him, but she was the first independent women that I knew. She took care of herself- worked in a beauty shop for many years and even patented some beauty products. I don’t recall her ever wearing any makeup, but she was so beautiful inside. She was almost like a very close girlfriend and I still miss the friendship to this day. She taught me to speak up for myself and say what I believe in. She was very outspoken and you always knew how she felt about things.

A few years ago my aunt was going through my grandmother’s papers and found a letter. Everything was written in Polish, so my aunt had the papers translated. The document turned out to be the last letter my grandmother would ever receive from her father.

“My Dear Family

Thank God that all of you are safe in Panama. We live here in agony and fear always hiding in barns and in fields.  It is very cold and we have not much to wear: food is limited and we eat the little food that kind people can spare. German soldiers took Golda’s (my grandmother’s sister) 12 year old son away in the night and no one knows where he is. Zania (my grandmother’s aunt), her husband and their two year old child were taken away to a concentration camp. We live like hunted animals. Always running and there is no safe place to hide. Our hearts are broken and the will to live is gone. This letter I am writing will be given to a polish lady who someday, when the world will be free again, will add this to the rest of the story and mail it to you.  We think of you all the time.  We love you and God bless you my children.

Your Loving Father,  Isidor

I love you and kiss you my children and grandchildren

Your Loving Mother,  Ethel”

This letter was written in 1942- the Polish women who sent the letter added what happened to the family. My grandmother’s mother, sister Golda, her husband and child came down with typhoid fever. The German soldiers were notified and they were taken to an open field called “Travana” were they were shot one by one and buried there. Her father died of starvation; he was 86 years old.

Reading my grandmother’s story makes me realize how many things we take for granted. My grandmother believed that was good and bad in everyone; that we should accept people and not blame an entire race or religion based upon the actions of a few.  This belief helped shape the person I am today and I will forever be grateful.

my grandparents -fathers side


The Tap Dancing Brownie

SallyI am from a small town 20 miles west of Chicago, it was a new suburb when I was born in 1963.  At the age of five I did not believe there was a better place on earth than my backyard.

In 1966 a young man from the same town as me, was the Pilot aboard Gemini 9.  Our town had a real live astronaut, just like on I Dream of Jeannie.   In 1969 Astronaut Eugene Cernan from Bellwood, Illinois went up in space again as The Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 10, he went up one more time in 1972, as the Commander of Apollo 17.  It was that last time that he walked on the moon, making him the last American man do so.

It was in 1969 that my town did what every small town did when having a celebration, we had a parade for our very own Astronaut.  At the age of 6, I proudly carried the American Flag for Brownie Troop 123.  I carried that flag for 2 ½ miles.  1969 was a simpler time, where you could have parades and picnics and where little girls could only dream of being the first tap dancing Brownie on the moon.  All the boys that day ran around telling everyone they were going to be astronauts, but none of the girls did.  It was a boy’s job.  I remember putting posters of the solar system on the walls of my room for years, hoping to someday be a girl in space.

30 years ago today Sally Ride became the first woman in space.  She lived the dream of countless little girls all across the country.  She proved that girls could do anything and be anything.  I do not know if she tap danced or was a Brownie, but she was everything I wanted to be.   Astronaut Eugene Cernan was my first Astronaut, but Sally Ride was my favorite.

Ride Sally Ride.


Here’s to You, Dads!!

Today’s the Day of Dad. If you’re lucky, you get to visit with him or at least hear his voice. Some just have photos & their memories. Others didn’t know him at all, or worse, wish they didn’t.

You see, the Dad is an interesting creature. He can make you feel secure & loved & be the example of how to love another person. Of course, a Mother can do this too, but there’s something about the masculine energy that’s, well, just different. Opening pickle jars is a good example of masculinity at its finest.

Do Dads do other things well? Of course they do! Who else teaches you to leave dirty socks on the table (where they’re sure to get noticed & therefore washed)? Who, other than Dad, teaches you how to use tools AND leave them properly strewn across the floor (perfect for tripping)? Who would teach you to swear properly? Sure, Mom does a pretty good job, but you get the real zingers from Dad.

All joking aside, if you WERE blessed & lucky enough to have a great man in your life, honor him today. Thank him for all the special things he did for you. Help him remember the little things that maybe only you made note of & held on to. Mostly just thank him for his presence… because that was likely the most important part.



Dear Right-Wing Woman:

One of the problems with today’s society is the myth that women once suffered great injustices & discrimination, but are now equal to men.  The power has been evenly distributed & we are now “liberated”.  Only women in Third World countries continue to struggle with issues that plagued the U.S. long ago. Deny gender inequality.  It no longer exists.

Have you ever asked a man if he feels discriminated against?  If he feels that society, in general, with all its freedoms, has given him a bad deal or held him back?  Does he feel oppressed by the media or does it sadden him that his gender has a small role in politics?  Is there legislation waiting to morph into law that will limit the rights he has over decisions regarding his body? What about his reproductive choices?

Women have fought to overcome obstacles by breaking through barriers.  We did it as a united voice; we worked together.  Now, in this 21st century, WHY, WHY, WHY are we not only fighting each other, but denying that there is an issue with feminism?  The Equal Rights Amendment has yet to be ratified in all 50 states (15 have yet to pass it, for a list go to http://www.equalrightsamendment.org).  This makes other laws regarding equality (pay, sexual discrimination) vulnerable to alteration by congress.

The mentality of our patriarchal society is reinforced by the power of the Christian Right & the dogma that is entrenched in the minds of women who “stand by their man”.  Though men & women are different, why can’t their uniqueness be separate, but equal?  Why must one gender trump the other?  Is it religion & the antiquated roles that women were placed in centuries ago that holds them in a vice grip?  Women of the Right are seemingly threatened by having their differences valued equally.  That is not to suggest that it’s wrong to be a supportive wife, to be happily married or in a relationship/family environment; it’s stated only to amplify the stance of those women who refuse to recognize that power must be SHARED.

ERA ScalesConservative women seem suspicious of the Liberal Feminist agenda.  Do they feel undue pressure to be the “same” as a man?  Will this somehow invalidate the choices they’ve made for themselves?  Do they fear having their own identity?  I would love to know the answers to these questions, because at this point in time I feel like we’re leaving a lot of our sisters behind or they’re simply sticking their head in the sand.  Conservative women refuse to engage in feminist ideas and we’re pulling away from them by shunning instead of calmly informing… we’re tolerating their misinformation or yelling back at them because most don’t want the information.  And wow, can they yell back!!

Discussion initiated by liberal women with conservative women has been replaced with a rigid & sharp response of “THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN”!!  Well, if you think so, tell that to the woman making 70 cents on the dollar compared to her male co-worker; tell it to the woman walking into the abortion clinic while a man is yelling at her that she’ll burn in Hell; tell it to the WOMAN judging the other WOMAN in the grocery line buying food for her children with food stamps.  Better yet, dear right-wing woman, look in the mirror & try to lie to yourself.


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